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Pure Plasma Facial

Resurrect old collagen and

elastin for a firmer skin

Want to turn back the hands of time? Reverse sun damage? Erase deep wrinkles and crow’s feet? How about erasing deep acne scars and pitting? Or even stretch marks?

Finally, there is a non-surgical option that achieves all these goals. The Pure Plasma Facial  utilizes your body’s own natural healing ability to stimulate skin rejuvenation, resulting in wrinkle smoothing and skin firming.

Firstly we turn your Plamsa into Liquid Gold, this process is as simply as getting a blood test: YOU MUST DRINK LOTS Of WATER THE MORNING BEFORE WE TAKE YOUR BLOOD.

The Pure Plasma Facial  is an in-clinic treatment that uses a patented technology to prepare your own blood, isolating  different growth factors which are then delivered directly into your skin to stimulate your skin’s natural rejuvenation, resulting in firmer, smoother skin.

All areas of the face and body can be treated.  Lines and wrinkles around mouth, sun damage on neck and chest areas, acne scarring and stretch marks. It is a 100% organic, minimally invasive procedure used to rejuvenate your skin. Pure Plasma Facial can lift and tighten your skin, while diminishing wrinkles, photo aging and pores. It is also effective in treating stretch marks on the body and acne scars on the face.

A series of 4 Treatment 3-4 weeks apart for best results.

Book your appointment with our aesthetic Nurse and begin to rejuvenate your skin.

See Results of the Plasma Facial

So Haute Skin


Combining two Power House Procedures.

Organic Rejuvenation-

Resurrect old Collagen

and Elastin for

a firmer, brighter and tighter skin

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