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High Maintenance 


Dermabrasion - Procedure Peel -Light Therapy - essential vitamins and minerals

So Hautes NEW High Maintenance Skin Treatment is designed to restore, balance and repair on every cellular level.

Scrubbing & Exfoliating the delicate skin will not correct dehydration or dryness,

in fact clinical studies have shown it will only make it worse!


Haute Cosmetic clinic and Rationale Medical skin care take a holistic approach to repairing and preventing further damage by restoring precious water soluble lipids, and larger molecular lipids that act as a barrier for future fluid loss.
Unlike a beauty or spa facial the New High Maintenance  skin treatment  delivers medically compounded mega dose of firstly:  Lipids

Light Therapy

Stable C + Enzymes



Amino Acids

Hyaluronic Acid

Our rational skin clinicians have of course made the Haute Signature Skin Treatment treatment relaxing incorporating a signature massage masque infusion.

So Haute Skin
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