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Crystal Clear Skin


High Power  Medical Laser technology for seriously beautiful skin. Most Powerful in the World: the new and highly advanced Pulsed Light treats sun damage and skin aging in half the number of treatment of older Laser / IPL technologies.

Ageing can be unkind!

Over time, our skin begins to display the effects of ageing. Outside factors like sun, gravity and hormones can actually speed up the ageing process. The collagen found in our skin begins to break down and results in fine lines around the eyes and lips, deeper lines and grooves in the brow, brown and red spots appear adding years to your face, leaving a mottled, stale complexion. One day we wake up to find that our face no longer has that youthful, vibrant appearance we once had.

Laser Photo Therapy  for the treatment of :

- Age spots, excessive freckling and hyperpigmentation for a clean and fresh appearance.

-  Lentigines, nevi, melasma and café-au-lait macules.

- Reducing pore size.

 - Even skin tone and texture.

- Redness and facial flushing caused by rosacea.

- Facial and truncal and leg telangiectasia.

- Poikiloderma of Civatte.

- Angiomas and spider angiomas.

- Fine Lines.

- Port Wine Stain

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