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Hailed as a breakthrough procedure

Who is a good candidate for laser Genesis skin therapy?

Hailed as a breakthrough procedure for treating uneven skin textures, wrinkles, scars, fine lines, enlarged pores, vascular redness, brown spots and many other skin imperfections, the laser Genesis system provides outstanding results in just a few brief 30-minutes sessions. Painless, non-invasive and downtime-free, laser Genesis treatment is one of the most popular skincare regimens in the world, especially amongst celebrities who spend ample time in front of the camera where blemishes can often be magnified.

The Genesis applies gentle yet potent beams of thermal heat to the dermis, reinvigorating the skin's natural collagen stores as it smoothes and evens out the skin's surfaces. Therapy is administered through a carefully monitored hand piece that hovers above the face as it glides back and forth, emitting a wonderful warming energy that many have dubbed a 'thermal facial.'

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