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DermaClear is a 3 in 1 advanced hydradermabrasion solution.

DermaClear was designed to meet the increasing demand for high-quality, risk-free, and thorough skincare treatments. Research has shown that pollutants, toxins and chemicals in the urban environment can damage the skin, while the extensive use of makeup products in the selfie age also clogs and ages the skin. The DermaClear Hydradermabrasion treatment is the solution!.

Step 1:Extract and ClarifyDead skin cells are removed to prepare surface for extraction. Thorough extraction leaves skin clean and fresh, while exposing a healthy skin surface.

Step 2: Dislodge and ExfoliateDeep cleaning  suction loosens dirt and debris from deep within the skin, leaving it clean and optimal for effective solution absorption.

Step 3: Condition and Hydrate  During the Hydradermabrassion treatment nourishing solutions are delivered through a rotating tip, ensuring optimal skin penetration. These solutions protect and hydrate preparing skin for various following treatments.

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