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A medical approach to skin health & rejuvenation

With so many procedures available, how do you choose the correct treatment for your needs?Our complete consultation is designed to inform you to what non-surgical procedures are available tailored to your suitability and requirements, optimising skin health and rejuvenation.

This is what we live for..... our expertise is customising a plan for our patients, addressing everything from aesthetically suitable injectable procedures to skin rejuvenation for a complete aesthetic enhancement.  

Age Appropriate

Our team are highly skilled and educated, understanding the facial dynamics, science, structure and function of the skin, providing experienced, age appropriate and honest advice to assist you every step of the way to rejuvenation.  

There is not just one laser, dermal filler or one skin treatment to cure all skin concerns, our extensive range of cutting edge technologies, knowledge and experience ensures that each patient will be treated correctly according to their concern.

That is why Haute Cosmetic Clinic have researched and invested in an extensive range of Lasers, Skin Technologies, Anti-Ageing Injectables and Rationale Medical Skin Care. Providing each patient with an individual treatment regime to address all aesthetic concerns.

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