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Lip Augmentation

From Subtle to Dramatic


So Haute Cosmetic Medicine is a renowned cosmetic clinic for lip enhancement procedures in the Newcastle & Hunter area. These procedures address thin lips or volume deficient lips that can be an inherited facial feature or alternatively one of the consequences of ageing.

Lips are an essential part of your facial aesthetics due their colour texture and shape. Lips and the surrounding area represent youthfulness, attractiveness and beauty.

At the Haute Cosmetic Clinic we are specialist in lip augmentation and non-surgical enhancement and restoration, we have the knowledge and understanding of facial dynamics and anatomy to ensure successful enhancement.

We take a individually tailored approach to each patient selecting the appropriate medical filler to inject to obtain desired outcome.


Booking Cosmetic Injectables at our practice for the first time? You're in safe hands with our Specialist Nurse Injectors.

NOTE: We do not provide any injectable treatments for women that are Pregnant or Breast Feeding.

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