Frequently asked questions

How does a Laser Photo Skin Therapy Treatment Work?

Photo Skin Therapy deliver an intense, gentle burst of light into selectively targeted areas of the skin. The light is absorbed in the dermis by haemoglobin, specific blood vessels that are responsible for all forms of abnormal redness. This laser is meant to treat anything that is red and depending on the condition being treated, melanin pigmented areas may respond to the Laser, as well.
These wavelengths are able to reach underlying skin tissue at all different levels. The light energy penetrates the tissue and is precisely absorbed by the melanin (pigmentation ) and haemoglobin (blood) within the lesion, without damage to healthy tissue. Photo Skin Therapy stimulates natural collagen production, reducing lines and wrinkles and softening the complexion.

Is it safe?

So Haute Skin only use the latest FDA & TGA approved technologies, combined with a a highly trained Registered Nurse. New laser photo therapy levels of light and gentle energy parameters assure safe, effective treatment. The new technology precisely heat there intended targets, causing remarkably little or no skin damage or discomfort. Our thorough consultation will help to eliminate potential risk.

What can be treated with Laser Phototherapy

Age spots, excessive freckling and hyperpigmentation for a clean and fresh appearance Lentigines, nevi, melasma and café-au-lait macules Reducing pore size Even skin tone and texture Redness and facial flushing caused by rosacea Facial and truncal and leg telangiectasia Poikiloderma of Civatte Angiomas and spider angiomas Fine Lines Port Wine Stains

What will happen after my treatment?

What will happen after my treatment ? Patients may experience a sunburn like sensation that lasts from hours to a day or so and is often associated with mild to moderate redness. Jane iredale minerla Make up can be appiled immediatly after the treatment.The treated area can be sensitive for 2 days after. After treatment of pigmented lesions the lesion may turn a little darker, you will notice a gradual fading over time 5– 14 for the face and 14 to 28 days on the body. After treatment of vascular lesions they will either disappear immediately or appear grey or purplish in colour. Diffuse redness immediately appears a lot redder then gradually lightens within 2-3 weeks. Vascular treatments generally require a series of weekly treatments for best results.

What are the Possible side effects?

Crusting / blisters / flaking may develop in the first several days and last up to two weeks. Some may experience a temporary brown discoloration of the skin for several months. When necessary, high setting may be used, a purple discoloration may appear immediately after the treatment. This lasts for seven to 10 days. As this colour fades, the treated area may still look red, but will slowly fade to normal skin colour over the next few weeks. If concerned about potential risks we advise not to go ahead with laser treatments.


Laser may not be suitable for you if you have had: Recent sunburn . Unprotected sun exposure or solarium use 4 weeks prior to treatment Pregnancy History of seizures Severe dermatitis or eczema (within the treatment area) Active infections Roaccutane use in the last 6 months Herpes 1 or 2 (within the treatment area) Photo-sensitising medications are best avoided

Pre and Post Care

Pre & Post RECOMMENDATIONS Pre treatment: Discontinue sun exposure 4 weeks prior to your treatment. Do not use fake tan 1-2 weeks prior to your treatment. Use Rationale superfluids B3T SPF 50 + Beautiful Skin SPF 50, Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup If you have a history of herpes close to the area being treated, it is recommended that you take antiviral medication before the treatment. (This will be available over the counter from the chemist). Post treatment: A sunburn-like sensation is expected for about 2-5 hours after the treatment. If this is uncomfortable apply cold compresses to the treated area. Do not use ex-foliating ( scrubs grains or powders) products on the skin for 1 week after the treatment, avoid products containing retinols and acids. Please protect you skin from the sun! Your skin may be more sensitive to certain skin care products, your skin specialist will guide you in the right direction. If you have been prescribed Rationale Medical Skin Care you may continue as normal. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the clinic.