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Haute Medi Jet



Haute Medi Jet is an FDA Medical Aesthetic device designed for natural skin revision.

Haute Medi-Jet Facial™procedure results in a fresh and younger appearance by reducing cellular build up, strengthen capillary respiration, removing metabolic waste from tissue, hydrating and oxygenation tissue and energise cells to stimulate collagen production and the wound healing process.  Haute Medi-Jet Facial™ removes microscopic particles that are inaccessible, such as those between the cells, In the epidermal cracks, in sweat secretions and depreciations in the hair follicles.


No needles, No pain, No downtime, suitable for all skin types.
  Restore skin firmness & Elasticity for a fresh complexion.

Haute Medi- Jet Facial™ unsurpassed technology delivers advanced supplementation deep into the skin. Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin B5, Vitamins A+E , Ascorbic-C, and Glycolic Acid can be introduced deep into the skin with no needles, no pain or discomfort, suitable even on the most delicate skin. Skin rejuvenation for sun damage skins can be revised beautifully when Glycolic Acid is introduced deep into the skin, reveling a smooth luminous complexion.

Air instead of Needles.

Until now the only way to deliver

“Plumping Hyaluronic Acid” deep into the skin were it could have an effect was through a injection via a needle.
Haute Medi-Jet Facial gives your skin the superior results with out a needle.

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