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What does hair regneration Procedure involve?

What does the procedure involve?
PRP is an autologous treatment, meaning that it is only your own cells being put back into your scalp. 8-24ml of your blood is collected in a similar way to a blood test. This is spun down in a centrifuge using the specially designed PRP tube that separates the PRP from the red blood cells. The PRP portion of the tube is then drawn up into a syringe ready for re-injection into the scalp. A tiny quantity of platelet activator called Calcium Chloride may be added, which is found naturally in your blood. Topical anaesthetic cream may be applied before injection, meaning re-injection causes little to no pain.

How many PRP Hair Regen treatments will I need?

How many PRP treatments do I need? This may vary depending on hair condition and your expectations.
3 x treatments in one month or 4-6 weeks apart is normal. Once you and the practitioner are happy with the results you may maintain the result with two top-up treatments every 12 months. As needed for some annual for other one off or every 6 months.

What can I expect following my PRP hair regeneration?

Some patients can go straight back to work, some patients report a tingling sensation after injection, and most tolerate the procedure well with topical anaesthetic cream or a pain block injection. Injections can cause minor bruising and swelling. Our Nurse will also utilise a European Painless Injection system to minimise discomfort.

When should I start treatments?

When should I start PRP for hair loss? To ensure best results, PRP should be use at the early stages or hair thinning.ab.

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