Erbium Fractional Laser  Q & A

Frequently asked questions

How does Erbium Fractional Laser Work

How does it work? The skin consist of 3 layers, the epidermis (uppermost layer), dermis (mid-layer) and subcutis (lower fat layer). The epidermis contains pigment-producing cells called melanocytes, which are responsible for skin coloring. The dermis is made up of collagen and elastin fibers that provide skin with strength, toughness, elasticity, and pliability. As the body ages, the epidermis becomes thinner so blemishes become more visible, and collagen in the dermis is gradually lost which contributes to the formation of facial lines, sagging skin and wrinkles. This laser delivers a laser beam that is divided into thousands of tiny but deep columns of treatment into the skin. Within each microthermal treatment zones old epidermal pigmented cells are expelled and penetration of collagen in the dermis causes a reaction that leads to collagen remodeling and new collagen formation. It treats intensively within the zone whilst surrounding healthy tissue remain intact and unaffected resulting in a faster healing process than if all tissue in the treatment area was exposed to the laser. Not only is healing time shortened considerably, but Fractional Laser also comes with a lower risk of complications, as compared to traditional laser skin resurfacing.

Pre - Treatment Assessment and Preparation

We recomend our patients to commence the Rationale E6 at least 1 week prior Erbium resurfacing treatments. An anaesthetic cream is applied to the treatment area for 30-45 minutes prior. Treatment time will depend on the areas being treated, but a full face will take around 15-20 minutes. The pain associated with the procedure is dependent on the energy delivered to the treatment site. Most Patients are surprised just how comfortable the procedure is; patients likened the sensation to mild sunburn, this sensation normally dissipates within an hour.

Post Treatment Recovery

Patient may experience a burning hot sensation that peaks 30 minutes after procedure Swelling is usually minimal and should resolve in 2-3 days. The skin will have a pinkish tone with darker crusting of the brown spots for 2-3 days after a mild treatment or after 4-7 days with more aggressive treatments. Within 24 hours new epidermal skin develops and the skin will have a bronze appearance that can last between 3-7 days. Flaking of the skin may also occur as new skin replaces dead skin tissue. This can be treated with our recommended medical laser repair creams. During the healing phase and for several months after treatment, it is recommended that the treatment area be protected using Rationale B3T & Beautiful Skin SPF 50+ along with specifically prescribed Medical Skin Care. Protective clothing and wide-brimmed hats should also be used.

Downtime and Expectations

Downtime and Expectations You may need one to five treatments with Erbium lasers, depending on the energy level used. These are spaced at least one month apart. The results are not immediate and are slowly progressive, with optimal improvement visible over a three to four month period. Erbium Fractional laser treatment appears to be well tolerated by most patients. After a mild treatment makeup can be applied after 2 days, but a more aggressive treatment may need 7 days before Jane iredale mineral makeup can be used.

What are the benefits of Fractional Laser

Benefits of Fractional Laser: Resolve the signs of sun damage Smooths fine lines, excellent for deeper lines. Reduce wrinkles Shrinks the appearance of pores Fills in acne scars Blends uneven pigmentation for a flawless complexion Stimulate Natural Collagen production Treat stretch marks quickly and effectively Treat the whole face or just a single area of concern