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a clinically proven way to remove fat under the chin without surgery

What Is It ?

Fullness under the chin, or a double chin, can detract from an otherwise balanced and harmonious facial appearance, creating a heavy or prematurely-aged look.

This treatment consists of multiple small injections placed under the chin, improving the presentation of the lower face and neck by eliminating fat in the sub mental area.

The treatment helps to define the jawline and create the contours typically associated with an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Your clinician customises the treatment to suit your individual anatomy, fat deposits and desired outcome.

How do fat dissolving injections work?

The active ingredient in this injectable is synthesised deoxycholic acid; identical to the molecule naturally produced in the body to aid in the absorption of fat.


When injected below the chin, it causes lysis, destroying the fat cell membrane.

As a result, the cells breakdown and release their fatty contents. The body naturally metabolises it and the by-product is excreted. The result is a more contoured and defined neck and jawline.

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