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No incisions, No Stitches

Today, everyone wants to look younger and have beautiful skin. However, the skin is typically the first area to show signs of aging.   Thanks to So Haute Skin Cosmetic Radio Surgery (CRS), many unsightly growths and facial veins can be removed, resulting in smoother, more attractive skin. Unlike the name suggests there is no surgery at all, the process is completely non -invasive. Immediately after CRS excision, there is simply a raw non-bleeding surface no bigger than the original surface area of the lesion. This forms a scab and 7-10 days later there is a fresh healthy layer of new skin which over time blends in to the normal skin colour. Most people will have some fine redness on the area for a few weeks after the procedure. This can be covered with a little make-up or concealer and it will settle to normal skin colour in a short period of time.

     Benefits of Cosmetic Radiosurgery:

  • Virtually no risk of scarring – the removal occurs at a very superficial skin level

  • Minimal damage to surrounding skin

  • No bleeding

  • Minimal if any pain

    Areas That Can Be Treated:
    Growths treated include sebaceous hyperplasia, Campbell de Morgan Spots, Skin Tags, Facial veins.

  • Face - the technique is particularly useful for benign facial growths and spots as there is no scarring and the healing period is short.

  • Facial veins -lasers are usually used for facial veins, but for those people who are not suitable for laser, Cosmetic Radiosurgery is a good alternative.

  • Armpits/Breasts/Neck – these are common sites of fleshy growths called skin tags. The technique is often used to remove skin tags under the armpits and under the breasts and in the V of the neck.


The cost of CSR ® treatment varies depending on the number of growths removed, but typically begins from $250.

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