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So Haute Skin

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Newcastle's & Hunter Valleys Boutique
Regenerative & Cosmetic Medicine Clinic
So Haute Skin  Newcastle

Welcome to our Private Boutique

So Haute Cosmetic Medicine is a boutique practice specialising in non surgical skin procedures,
located  in the Beautiful Hunter Valley.
Our mission is to provide,
“For a Healthier, Confident and More Beautiful You.”
We do this in many different ways- though our experience and dedication to the patient, our positive attitude, caring philosophy and family environment.
The patients of So Haute Cosmetic Medicine can expect the finest care available from clinically trained and highly educated clinicians.
Our Medical Team have over 20 years of experience in the Cosmetic Medicine industry,

providing thousands of cosmetic injectable, thread, laser and rejuvenation procedures. 

Extensive ongoing training ensures we are able to deliver some of the most advanced

non-invasive rejuvenation procedures available.

So Haute Skin

"The age of a woman is not important:

you can be wonderful in your 20's,

amazing in your 40's

and stay fabulous for the rest of your life"

Coco Chanel


Cosmetic Injections

A feminine touch to create a feminine soft and flattering face This is what we live for..... our expertise is customising a plan for our patients, addressing everything from aesthetically suitable injectable procedures to skin rejuvenation for a complete aesthetic enhancement. .

Skin Health

"Your skin is our greatest concern" Our team are highly skilled and educated, understanding the facial dynamics, science, structure and function of the skin, providing experienced, age appropriate and honest advice to assist you every step of the way to rejuvenation.


Let us take away  the confusion for you. Our Consultation is designed to inform you to what non-surgical rejuvenation and skin health procedures are available to suit your needs.




and as


as YOU!

So Haute Skin  Newcastle
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